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Suntory Whisky

We have been inundated of late with requests for the Suntory Yamazaki Sherry Cask that Jim Murray named as the best whisky in the world this year. Unfortunately, none of us at Cask have had the pleasure of trying it and we have not been able to get any for our customers. 


That expression was released only into the European market and has never been available  in the US. However, we have been fans of the Suntory Distillery for a long long time and we are delighted that, for the first time in the US, we now have the 17 and 21-year Hibiki expressions and the 18-year Hakushu. Hibiki is a luscious, rich and creamy dram that expresses everything we love about Japanese whisky.  The youngest Hibiki has a tremendously complex palate with notes of banana and custard and stone fruits.  The older expressions show off the Mizunara, the Japanese oak that is used to age some of the whiskey that goes into Hibiki. Japanese oak is distinct from its American or European counterparts, adding perfume notes that are often described as sandalwood or incense.  So, if you have been curious about Japanese whisky, or are already hooked and want to try something new, stop in for a bottle.

- Eoin


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