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Alli's In Wonderland: Vergano

The Vergano Vermouth and Chinato tasting at Rincon left a lasting impression. These fortified wines are among the most delicious and undervalued libations we have at Cask.

The producer, Mauro Vergano, combined his chemistry background in aromatized fragrances and interest in wine to begin producing Chinato shortly after his retirement. Vergano uses only the finest ingredients sourced locally and from around the world to produce one of a kind products. 


His Vermouth is produced from a blend of dry Moscato and Cortese grapes and, along with absinthe, it is infused with marjoram, thyme, basil, and oregano. Incredibly refreshing, interesting, and tasty, this vermouth is fantastic chilled on its own or would be a wonderful enhancement for a cocktail. 

The Luli Chinato is the only Chinato to be produced from Moscato wine. Flavored with a blend of wormwood, Chinese herbs, orange peel, and other herbs, it is a light, yet bold flavor. Sweet cinnamon and floral aromas mix together with the bitter Chinese herbs to produce a lovely hybrid of sweet and bitter flavors that could act well as an aperitif or digestif. 

The Chinato was Vergano's first creation made from Nebbiolo wine from Barbaresco. In true Chinato style, the wine is infused with a unique blend of Chinese herbs, wormwood, quinine, and other herbs. The result is a wonderful balance of Earthy elements and soft fruit that leave flavors of mint, cardamom, and green tea. Incredibly rich and delicious. 

So, if you have not yet tried a Vergano product and would like to do so, please feel free to come in and pick up a bottle.



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